Healthy Vegan Ice Cream

If you are looking for a healthier version of ice cream for a tasty summer treat, try making your own – with coconut milk! 
This dairy free, vegan ice cream alternative is loaded with healthy fats (medium chain triglycerides) from coconut milk and the anti-oxidant power of raw chocolate (cacao) powder.  It is sweetened with xylitol—a natural sugar alternative with close to zero calories and no impact on blood sugar.  Xylitol benefits the immune system, prevents tooth decay and can even help reduce ear, nose and throat infections when used regularly.  The best part about this refreshing dessert is that it has less than 5g of sugar per serving.  I use a Donvier hand-crank ice cream maker, but any type will do—just follow the instructions that come with the product.  ENJOY!

14-oz can Lite coconut milk

3 tbsp. peanut butter

2.5 tbsp. Navitas Naturals raw cacao powder

2-3 packets Now brand Xylitol Plus  (or equivalent)

Blend  all ingredients in a blender or food processor ( I use a Nutri Bullet food extractor) until smooth.

Pour liquid into the ice cream maker and follow the instructions.  Process until smooth and creamy.

Makes 4 servings

1 serving: 145 calories, 10 g fat, 3g protein, 5 g sugar ( or less, depending on brand of peanut butter)

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