Herbs For Cold & Flu Season


Here are some essential herbs for cold and flu season from article in which I am interviewed on The Daily Clutch.

“This cold and flu season, you might want to try adding herbs to your medicinal arsenal.”

The shopping list:

  1. Elderberries – antiviral, taken to shorten sick time, and as a preventative
  2. Slippery elm bark powder – good for diarrhea
  3. Garlic – strong antimicrobial
  4. Ginger – helps body sweat to detox and break a fever, also for stomach upset
  5. Thyme – strong antimicrobial for sinus and respiratory infections
  6. Astragalus – immunity booster, helps as preventative
  7. Echinacea – immunity booster, helpful for when a person is already sick
  8. Peppermint – stomach upset from nausea
  9. Fennel –stomach upset from gas and bloating
  10. Rosehips – high in vitamin c, good preventative

Read the full article on The Daily Clutch

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