Rooibos Winter Spice Tea Blend

I have made this tea blend for several years. It was one of my top selling blends sold at New Morning Market in Woodbury CT. My students also learn to make this blend in my Tea Blending Workshops across the state. It is lovely to look at so I suggest packaging this blend in a clear jar with a gold ribbon accent for giving as a gift.

This blend is loaded with anti-oxidants from Roobios (African Bush Tea). The addition of colorful tart elderberries helps to ward off colds & flus. It  contains the warming spices cinnamon, ginger and orange peel to settle digestion and increase circulation in the cold months of winter. Finally, I have added calendula flowers for its lovely yellow color. It is an herb of the sun and we can all use a little sunshine during the Winter months, right? Also, did you know that calendula is one of the richest sources of the important eye nutrient lutein? Yes that’s right! Most commercial supplements of lutein are derived from these beautiful flowers. Lutein prevents Macular Degeneration, so it is an important herb for the eyes.

Here is my recipe:

2 parts Rooibos herb (cut and sifted)

1 part Elderberries (whole)

1 part Orange Peel (cut)

1 part Candied Ginger Peel (minced into 1/4 inch cubes)

1 part Cinnamon chips

1/2 part Calendula (Pot Marigold) flower petals

Decide on how much of this tea you wish to make before choosing a measure that will represent one part. To blend approximately one pound of this tea, use a 1-cup measure to equal one part. To make less, use a smaller size measure.

Mince the candied ginger very finely with a chef’s knife on a piece of parchment paper. Add a little extra sugar and roll the ginger bits into the sugar, to help prevent sticking.

Mix all of the herbs together in a large glass, pottery or enameled bowl. Use your hands to make sure the individual components of the blend are thoroughly blended. Package in jars, clear cellophane bags with gold ribbon or in a festive tea tin.

To use: Steep 1 heaping teaspoon of mixture in 8 oz very hot (almost boiling) water for 7 minutes or longer. Strain and enjoy with honey or on its own, The longer you steep this tea the better!

Have Fun with Tea Blending and Enjoy the Holidays!

Alison Birks

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