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1Initial Office Visit Nutrition Consultation

In this initial session we will discuss your health concerns and I will evaluate your case based on a detailed analysis of your past and present health history. Using tools such as visual diagnosis, Q & A, body composition and other in-office techniques, I will assess your nutritional status. We will have a thorough discussion of your lifestyle and diet, including: a review of your diet journal, an overview of your most recent blood work and a comprehensive review of your dietary supplements. I will check for interactions with your current medications, and I will suggest ways to supplement your prescriptions for better health. You will leave with suggestions for improving your diet, a sample meal plan, a dietary supplement plan and other action steps to complete before our next visit.

$180.00/75 minutes

Follow Up Office Visits

Follow up visits are for established clients and are geared toward helping you achieve specific health goals. Office visits might include a review of your food diary, an overview of blood work or other test results, weigh-ins/ body fat analysis, review of dietary supplement plan, suggestions for improving your diet, recipes, instruction in eating mindfully, shopping tips, store tours and supportive coaching.

30-Minute Follow Up: $75.00
45-Minute Follow Up: $105.00

28-Day Detox Program

Whole body detoxification is a process of supporting your body’s elimination systems by eating clean, organic food and taking a professional brand of high quality supplements designed to facilitate the body’s own safe removal of stored toxins. You will be eating real food and following a modified elimination diet, which includes protein, carbohydrates and fat. Your body does the actual detoxification for you— the products just assist your body in doing a more efficient job.


14-Day Detox Program

This is a modified version of the whole body detoxification program– great for Newbies! This program is less intense and is more suitable for those who have never done a detox program before or for those who don’t feel ready to make a 4-week commitment and are looking for a “jump start”.

This program includes all of the needed products, 30-min initial office visit, two 15-minute “check in” visits and 24-hour phone/email support.


5 Week Weight Loss Program

Jump start your weight loss efforts right now in this 5-week educational health coaching program. This is a custom-tailored program which considers your food preferences, current state of health, eating habits, emotional / behavioral patterns, all in a supportive counseling setting. You will learn:

  • Why diets don’t work & how a lifestyle change is necessary for lasting weight loss and health
  • Mindfulness: the role of stress reduction in changing your relationship to food
  • How to eat so that you feel energized and satisfied
  • How to use dietary supplements & functional foods effectively and safely
  • How to stock your pantry, shopping & cooking tips
  • …and more!


10 Week Health Coaching/Nutrition Education Package

  • One 75-minute initial office visit
  • Mindfulness: the role of stress reduction in changing your relationship to food
  • Nine follow up sessions (30 minutes ea.)
  • One 30-minute store tour
  • 30 minutes/week phone consultation support


Speaking Engagements/Seminars

Are you looking for a lively presentation or class to bring to your group? I am available to speak on 50+ nutrition related topics at any venue-your office; your civic group; even your home! I have over 20 years of speaking experience and have taught classes to children and adults at the grade school, high school and college level. Hands-on classes, such as Edible & Medicinal Wild Plant walks and Herbal Medicine Making workshops are my specialty! I will also act as a facilitator for health-related groups and meet ups. Call for pricing and a list of potential topics.

Call for pricing

Other Services

Custom Herbal Extracts

Using my experience and expertise, let me formulate a custom healing blend of liquid herbal extracts for you based on both Traditional and Western methods of observation and detailed case-taking. Stress, sleep, digestive health, circulation, metabolism, hormonal and immune support are a few of the many concerns that I see on a daily basis in my practice.

$15.00/oz. – $18.00/oz.

Herbal Wellness Consultation

$75.00/30 minutes

Phone Consultations

Minimum 15 minutes


Medical Nutrition Research Service

Minimum 30 minutes