Kind words from my clients

I go to Alison with all my health concerns and questions and she always has an answer. I’ve also done her 28 Day Detox Program. She helped guide me through the process and by the end I had more energy, lost weight, and had radiant skin. I highly recommend it!

- A.J.

I work with many health professionals on a daily basis. Alison offers a rare combination of deep expertise that translates into useful, clinical applications that a lay person can truly understand. Any client would be fortunate to have Alison as a nutritional advisor.

- M.N.

Alison turned my health around. She approaches her work with care, and intelligence, bringing her impressive command of holistic nutrition and diet to bear on whatever ails a body. Caution: Do not approach Alison unless you are ready to do the work!

- M.D.

Alison has often provided me with more accurate and insightful solutions than either my medical doctor or naturopathic physician, both of whom are excellent. I refer people to Alison with complete confidence knowing they will receive the help they need.

- G.B.

Alison takes great care to make informed analyses of her client’s needs … I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone with health issues to seek out Alison’s expertise.

- L.O.

Seeing Alison for our healthcare is now routine for our continued well-being. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Alison, as there have been many instances where we have called upon her for her advice and she has always been so very helpful!

- I.H.

Seeking professional nutritionist advice from Alison Birks has made me feel differently about health care: “See a NUTRITIONIST for HEALTH and see a DOCTOR for ILLNESS

- B.A.